ACMG Waiver

If you are taking a course or being guided by an ACMG member, you will be requested to complete a liability waiver. This is a requirement set out by our insurance underwriter as well as by the land managers we deal with. Copies of the waiver are provided below so that you may familiarize yourself with some of the risks associated with the activity you are about to undertake. Please read it carefully.

Note: As of May 21 2020, the English waiver has been revised, but the translated versions still have the original text. We will complete the translations as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience.


Pre-Trip/Course Declaration of Health and Exposure

Members of the ACMG take the safety of their guests and employees, and the prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. As such, you are required to make four attestations below. The inability to make one or more of these attestations may disqualify you from participation.



Pre-Trip/Course Declaration of Health and Exposure - French version


ACMG Acknowledgement of Risk Form

If your child is under the age of majority and is participating in a trip with an ACMG member, you must sign an Acknowledgement of Risk form to ensure you have a full understanding of the risks your child may encounter. It is not a waiver of rights.

Acknowledgement of Risk Form English

Acknowledgement of Risk Form French

Medical Information Form You may want to include this form as part of the acknowledgment and consent process

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