mnt icon Mountain Conditions Report (MCR)

  • The purpose of the Mountain Conditions Reports is to assist recreational outdoorspeople in making reasonable, informed decisions in the field

  • The information provided in the Mountain Conditions Report consists of field observations in specific mountain areas from trained and certified ACMG members who have recently traveled to those areas

  • To access these observations, visit

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  • All reports are prepared and submitted on a volunteer basis by ACMG members who are committed to our mandate of protecting the public interest

  • The ACMG's original concept of information sharing with the public was enhanced by a partnership with Arc'teryx, who put some huge resources into developing its current geolocation platform. The ACMG will continue to manage the administration of the MCR as well as its future evolution.

  • Feedback and comments on the MCR are welcome. Contact the ACMG Executive Director at [email protected]