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Technical Handbook for Professional Mountain Guides
Alpine, Rock, and Ski Guiding Techniques

This manual encompasses the entire set of skills and techniques used by professional guides. In addition it contains extensive discussions of "soft" skills such as client care, risk management, and mountain sense-much more difficult to describe but as important as technical knowledge.

The manual is designed for use as a text for candidates enrolled in guide training and certification courses and as a reference work for active professionals. However, it is also popular in the public realm where experienced recreational climbers and skiers, amateur leaders, and educators find it useful.

This manual is not a "how to" book. It is not a set of standards or "rules." It provides guidelines that, when combined with technical training, judgment, and experience form a framework within which risk can be managed and reasonable decisions can be made. It is designed to be augmented by training and certification in guiding techniques.

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Hiking Guide Manual

The manual is designed for use by candidates on the professional courses and exams of the ACMG Training and Certification Programs. In conjunction with training and experience this manual provides a framework within which to solve problems encountered in guiding.

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