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Use this list to check membership and current certification level. This list includes active members only.

The Mountain Guide Program has three certifications Alpine Guide, Ski Guide, and Rock Guide. Candidates must first complete their apprentice training and exams.

Completion of the Alpine Guide and Ski Guide certification confers International Mountain Guide certification.


Last Name

First Name

mg icon
Mountain Guide
ag icon
Alpine Guide

sg icon
Ski Guide
rg icon
Rock Guide
aag icon
Alpine Guide
asg icon
Ski Guide
arg icon
Rock Guide
Adams Laura
Adolph Mike
Adshade Chris
Aitken Kinley
Akiyama Yuji
Allen Heather
Allison Bob
Amann Peter
Amelunxen Cornelius
Amyot Frederick
Andersen Lindsay
Anderson Bryan
Andrews Lars
Andrews Alison
Anthony-Malone Todd
Arbic Peter
Armstrong Kevin
Arsenault Pablo
Asselin Dominic
Atkins Roger
Atkinson Christopher
Aucoin Mike
Austerman Carey
Baggaley Nicholas
Bagley Giles
Bagneres Bruno
Bay Jim
Beardmore Aaron
Becker Kirk
Beets Kat
Begg David
Beglinger Ruedi
Bejcar Nicholas
Beland Simon
Belanger Ken

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