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Use this list to check membership and current certification level. This list includes active members only.

Climbing Gym Instructors teach climbing on artificial structures.

Top Rope Climbing Instructors work with groups in simple outdoor rock climbing terrain with easy access where students do not require anchoring between climbs or rappels.

Via Ferrata Guides lead clients on climbing or exposed scrambling routes that are protected using special safety equipment.


Last Name

First Name

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Climbing Gym Instructor Level 1
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Climbing Gym Instructor Level 2

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Climbing Gym Instructor Level 3
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Top Rope Climbing Instructor
Via Ferrata Guide
Bekolay Nicholas
Beland Dan
Belanger Aurelie
Bell John
Bender Amy
Bergstrome Jillian
Bertram Katie
Bessette Mitchell
Bischke Amanda
Blackhall Julian
Blades Kevin
Bleau Francois-Xavier
Blondeau Zachary
Blumel Jeremy
Blydorp Mark
Boschman Cory
Boshart Zach
Bowden Hans
Bowkett Trevor
Boyd Garret
Bransfield Tyler
Braun Ryan
Briggs Josh
Broderick Georgia
Broome Jennifer

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