ACMG Group Park Permit Holders

Please Note: All guiding done in federal and provincial parks must be done under permits issued by the parks. The permits noted below are group permits, held by the ACMG and voluntarily bought into by members each year. This list is accurate for the current permit year, allowing for data entry times. If ACMG members have obtained permits on their own, this list will not contain their names; contact the member for their permit information.

Key to Certification Acronyms

Key to Certification Acronyms

MGSG - Mountain Guide or Specialty Guide (Ski, Alpine or Rock)
AG - Apprentice Guide
HG - Hiking Guide
AH - Assitant Hiking Guide

alpine climbing
Last Name
First Name
Schwartz Joe BC Parks MGSG
Scott David National Parks MGSG
Shafto Robert D National Parks MGSG
Shannon Brian BC Parks AG
Shaw Michael National Parks AG
Shepherd Jordy National Parks MGSG
Shepherd Jordy Alberta Parks MGSG
Shokoples Cyril Alberta Parks MGSG
Shokoples Cyril BC Parks MGSG
Shokoples Cyril National Parks MGSG
Simms Jonathan BC Parks MGSG
Simms Jonathan National Parks MGSG
Skidmore Kyle BC Parks AG
Skinner Chris National Parks AH
Sobool Wayne National Parks MGSG
Sofer Olivia Alberta Parks MGSG
Sofer Olivia National Parks MGSG
Sole Albert National Parks MGSG
Sole Albert Alberta Parks MGSG
Sovdat Helen National Parks MGSG
St-Louis Charles National Parks HG
Stanhope William BC Parks MGSG
Stanier Larry Alberta Parks MGSG
Stanier Larry BC Parks MGSG
Stanier Larry National Parks MGSG
Stenberg Emelie National Parks MGSG
Stevens Evan BC Parks MGSG
Stevens Evan National Parks MGSG
Stewart Mark National Parks MGSG
Stewart Mark Alberta Parks MGSG
Stuart Mike Alberta Parks MGSG
Stuart Mike BC Parks MGSG
Stuart Mike National Parks MGSG
Stuart Kristen National Parks HG
Stuart Kristen Alberta Parks HG
Taborszky Sebastian BC Parks AG
Taborszky Sebastian National Parks AG
Taborszky Sebastian Alberta Parks AG
Taylor Tim Alberta Parks MGSG
Taylor Tim National Parks MGSG
Thompson Joey BC Parks USIFMGA
Thorleifsson Fridjon National Parks MGSG
Thornton John Alberta Parks MGSG
Thornton John BC Parks MGSG
Thornton John National Parks MGSG
Thumlert Scott National Parks MGSG
Turner Chris B BC Parks MGSG
Turner Chris B National Parks MGSG
Twitchell Susan National Parks AH
Twitchell Susan Alberta Parks AH
van Haeren Maarten National Parks AG
van Haeren Maarten Alberta Parks AG
Vanderkam Mark Alberta Parks AH
Vanderkam Mark National Parks AH
Vidak Martin J National Parks MGSG
Vosburgh Joey National Parks MGSG
Wakeman Martina Alberta Parks HG
Wakeman Martina National Parks HG
Walker Holly BC Parks AG
Ward Jeff National Parks USIFMGA
Warren Neil Alberta Parks MGSG
Warren Neil National Parks MGSG
Weddell Bryon National Parks MGSG
Welsted Ian National Parks AG
Welsted Ian Alberta Parks AG
Welsted Ian BC Parks AG
Wexler Andrew National Parks MGSG
Wexler Andrew Alberta Parks MGSG
Whiteside Jamie National Parks MGSG
Widmer Philip National Parks AG
Widmer Philip Alberta Parks AG
Widmer Philip BC Parks AG
Wild Kris BC Parks MGSG
Wilding Derek National Parks MGSG
Wilding Derek Alberta Parks MGSG
Wilding Derek BC Parks MGSG
Wilhelm Philip Alberta Parks AG
Wilhelm Philip National Parks AG
Wodak Sabina National Parks MGSG
Woitenko Tracy National Parks AH
Woitenko Tracy Alberta Parks AH
Wood Sharon Alberta Parks MGSG
Wood Sharon National Parks MGSG
Woods Will Alberta Parks AG
Woods Will BC Parks AG
Woods Will National Parks AG
Wrench Andrew National Parks AG
Wrench Andrew BC Parks AG
Wylie Ken BC Parks MGSG
Wylie Ken National Parks MGSG
Yau Teresa BC Parks AG
Yim Roger BC Parks MGSG
Yim Roger National Parks MGSG
Zorn Stephen National Parks MGSG

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