ACMG Group Park Permit Holders

Please Note: All guiding done in federal and provincial parks must be done under permits issued by the parks. The permits noted below are group permits, held by the ACMG and voluntarily bought into by members each year. This list is accurate for the current permit year, allowing for data entry times. If ACMG members have obtained permits on their own, this list will not contain their names; contact the member for their permit information.

Key to Certification Acronyms

Key to Certification Acronyms

MGSG - Mountain Guide or Specialty Guide (Ski, Alpine or Rock)
AG - Apprentice Guide
HG - Hiking Guide
AH - Assitant Hiking Guide

alpine climbing
Last Name
First Name
Laurilla Roger BC Parks MGSG
Lavigne Joshua National Parks MGSG
Lavigne Joshua BC Parks MGSG
Lawson Alexander National Parks MGSG
Leahey Troy National Parks MGSG
Leahey Troy Alberta Parks MGSG
Lebitka Peter National Parks HG
Lebitka Peter Alberta Parks HG
Lefebvre Martin BC Parks MGSG
Lefebvre Martin National Parks MGSG
Lemke Garth National Parks AG
Lindsay Patrick National Parks MGSG
Lindsay Patrick Alberta Parks MGSG
Lindsay Patrick BC Parks MGSG
Liora (Marble) Shauna Alberta Parks HG
Lussier David National Parks MGSG
Lussier David BC Parks MGSG
Lustenberger Christina National Parks MGSG
Lybarger Russell National Parks MGSG
MacDiarmid Ken National Parks MGSG
Maclean Deborah National Parks HG
Maclean Deborah Alberta Parks HG
MacMillan Fraser National Parks AH
Madden James National Parks MGSG
Madden James Alberta Parks MGSG
Madden James BC Parks MGSG
Majorossy Josh BC Parks AG
Mali Klemen BC Parks MGSG
Marchand Phil National Parks MGSG
Marchand Phil BC Parks MGSG
Marmont Lydia National Parks MGSG
Marmont Lydia BC Parks MGSG
Marshall Rich National Parks MGSG
Marshall Robert National Parks AH
Mauthner Kirk National Parks MGSG

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