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Ecologists have long understood the interdependence of natural systems upon one another. Human systems function quite similarly. Just as there is a symbiosis of the ACMG and its members, significant benefits exist for all participants in other forms of supporting relationships. The ACMG welcomes strategic partnerships with organizations that share its values and objectives.

We offer traditional sponsorship opportunities and are willing to explore innovative options that suit the needs of your organization.

We also welcome, and are deeply grateful to, individuals who choose to support us through donations to our worthwhile scholarship and grant funds.





Partner Options

The ACMG defines sponsorship as a form of partnership in which an organization receives a packaged group of benefits in return for a specified sum of money. This money is used to fund a variety of projects that assist the association to serve its members and the public at large. Examples of this include:

  • Writing and/or updating of the ACMG technical manuals
  • Rebuilding the ACMG website
  • Creating professional displays and presentations for the public

For more information on sponsor options

If your organization is interested in becoming a sponsor of the ACMG, please contact us at:
Ken Bélanger

Strategic Support
The ACMG defines strategic support as assisting the Association through the provision of goods or services that are part of the operations of the supporting organization. Examples of this include:

  • Use of hotel facilities for meetings
  • Helicopter transport
  • Project supplies

In return, the ACMG recognizes these contributions with a thank-you and a link on our website and, in certain instances, with a free ad in the ACMG News.
If your organization is interested in offering strategic support to the ACMG, please contact the Executive Director at ed@acmg.ca.

Associate Membership
Non-profit or not-for-profit organizations that share the values and objectives of the ACMG may join as Associate Members. Associate Membership is free and Associate Members receive:

  • Use of the Associate member logo for organizational promotions
  • The benefits of being known to be associated with Canada's professional body of mountain guides and climbing instructors
  • An invitation to the ACMG Annual General Meeting, where opinions may be voiced
  • Copies of the biannual Arête (ACMG Journal) and ACMG e-Bulletins
  • Listing on the ACMG public website

Contact the ACMG Executive Director at ed@acmg.ca for more information.

pdf icon Associate Membership Application

Scholarships and Donations

Members of the public are welcome to donate money to the ACMG. Perhaps you would like to give something back to the professional Association of a favourite guide because you had a wonderful experience under that guide’s care. Perhaps you wish to assist aspiring guides in the name of a guide who tragically passed away. Or maybe you are simply interested in supporting the professional body that has developed and maintained such high standards of safety and service within the mountain community. Whatever your reason, know that all donations are gratefully accepted and very much appreciated.

You may make a general donation to the ACMG or choose to target any of the funds listed below.

Cheques may be made out to the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides and sent to the main office at:

Box 8341
Canmore AB
Canada T1W 2V1

Important note: Although the ACMG is a non-profit organization, it is not a registered charity. Therefore we are unable to issue tax receipts.

Funds Available for Public Donations:

    • Ken Jones Development Fund – supports technical projects undertaken by the ACMG.
    • ACMG Centennial Scholarship Fund – assists promising aspirant guides to achieve full certification.
    • ACMG Niccy Code Scholarship Fund – assists promising female aspirant guides to achieve full certification.
    • ACMG Brian Ebert Scholarship Fund –assists promising aspirant guides who live and work on the West Coast of Canada.
    • ACMG D’Arcy McRae Memorial Scholarship – assists promising aspirant guides who live and work in the Kootenay region of British Columbia.
    • Karl Nagy Memorial Scholarship – assists aspiring amateur Alpine Club of Canada leaders and aspirant ACMG guides to develop their leadership and people skills.
    • Hans Gmoser Fund - assists the ACMG in developing materials that promote the Association to the rest of the world.
    • Simon Parboosingh Guide Assistance Fund - assists guides who have been injured and are unable to work.

For more information on these funds, or if you wish to establish a fund in memory of an ACMG member, please contact the ACMG Executive Director at ed@acmg.ca. We thank you for your consideration.

ACMG NEWS - The Arête

We welcome you to advertise in The Arête - the newsletter of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides.  Here is what you will get in return for advertising in The Arête:

  • A targeted audience of over 1000 professional guides and climbing instructors
  • A proven high readership rate
  • Low advertising rates, up to 15% less than similar publications

A recent survey of the ACMG membership indicated that over 90% of members read The Arête. Most of these guides and instructors are actively working in their field and interact with many clients every season. As a result, your advertising dollar goes a long way toward getting your product or service noticed by guides and instructors, as well as by the guests they instruct or lead skiing, climbing and hiking.

The Arête is published twice a year on 100% recycled paper or available as a PDF and explores various issues of interest to the membership as well as information about events, technical matters, and gear reviews. The Arête is distributed to our members, who reside throughout Canada and work as: 
• Climbing Instructors 
• Hiking Guides
• Rock Guides
• Alpine Guides 
• Ski Guides
• Mountain Guides

The Arête is also distributed to our Partners, many contacts and major operators, so also has wide readership amongst the public.

The Arête operates on a not-for-profit basis. Advertising revenues are used to offset the costs of producing and mailing the newsletter. To place an ad or obtain more information please read on or contact me directly. I look forward to seeing your ad in The Arête!
Shaun King - Editor

Classified (2 x 2 inches)............................. $120.00/issue
1/4 Page (3.6 x 4.6 inches) ....................... $240.00/issue
1/2 Page (4.6 x 7.5 inches) ....................... $360.00/issue
Full Page (7.5 x 9.5 inches)........................ $600.00/issue

Submission Guidelines
Graphics: hi-resolution (300 dpi) JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG or similar.
Text: Word .doc files are preferred.

Deadlines are June 1 for the Summer issue (published mid-July) and
November 1 for the Winter issue (published mid-December). 
Note: For advertising seasonal product or when placing help wanted ads, it is suggested that ads be placed a season in advance.

Equipment Reviews
If you are a partner or advertiser and would like any of your products reviewed by an active professional guide/instructor in our "Gear Reviews" section, contact partnership@acmg.ca for details.

ACMG Corporate Sponsorship
Interested organizations may choose to become an ACMG Corporate Sponsor and receive free advertising space as part of the package. For more information on ACMG sponsorship please contact:
Ken Bélanger

Guidelines for ACMG and IFMGA Logo Use

The ACMG logos, name and acronym are the property of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. As such, their use for promotion or advertising is permitted only by the following:

  • Active ACMG Members in good standing who have achieved Apprentice or Certified status.
  • ACMG Sponsors
  • ACMG Strategic Supporters only as specified by written agreement

The ACMG logo may not be modified in any way with out the permission of the ACMG.
The logo, name and acronyms of the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA/UIAGM/IVBV) may only be used by Members in good standing who have achieved Mountain Guide certification.

Full details on use of the ACMG and IFMGA logos, names or acronyms may be found here.

PDF icon Guidelines for ACMG and IFMGA Logo Use