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Scholarship Scholarship Recipients

The ACMG offers a variety of scholarships to its members, most of which assist them to carry on their training and certification progression. Donations are gratefully accepted at

Centennial Scholarship Fund

The ACMG celebrated 100 years of guiding in Canada in 1996. In the spring of that year, the IFMGA held a general meeting in Banff in conjunction with a Mountain Guides Ball. Proceeds from the ball and donations were used to establish this scholarship which honours the tradition and history of professional guiding in Canada. The fund is managed by the ACMG.

This scholarship is intended to assist promising apprentice guides who are members of the ACMG.

2016 - Darren Farley  
2015 - Kyle Chartrand  
2014 - Takeshi Tani  
2013 - Dani Lowenstein  
2012 - Geoff Osler  
2011 - Fred Amyot; Jason Billing  
2010 - Jeff Bellis; Simon Robins  
2009 – Not awarded  
2008 – Jeff Bullock  
2007 – Sean Easton, Tim Haggerty, Jeff Bullock  
2006 - Jesse de Montigny, Luke Griffith, Jeremy Mackenzie  
2005 - Brett Lawrence, Kirk Mauthner, Geoff Ruttan  
2004 - Conrad Janzen, Patrick Jerome, Jeff Relph  
2003 - no scholarship awarded  
2002 - no scholarship awarded  
2001 - Marc Delesalle, Dave Gauley, Richard Prohaska  
2000 - Aaron Beardmore, Grant Meekins, Michael Olsthoorn  
1999 - Tim Pochay, Andrew Prosser, Mark Stewart  
1998 - Brian Gould, Jim Gudjonson, Paul Vidalin  

Niccy Code Scholarship Fund

Established in memory of ACMG member Niccy Code. Niccy was a promising Mountain Guide aspirant whose enthusiasm for the mountains and love of guiding was greatly appreciated by her friends, colleagues, clients, and students. The fund is managed by the ACMG on behalf of her family and friends.

This award is intended to assist promising apprentice guides and preference is given to female candidates.

2016 - Madeleine Martin-Preney
2015 - Hannah Preston
2014 - Danyelle Magnan
2013 - Morgen Funston
2012 - Cecelia Mortenson
2011 - Veronica Vackova
2010 - Erica Roles; Lydia Marmont
2009 – Not awarded
2008 – Merrie-Beth Board
2007 – Kitt Redhead
2006 - Abigail Watkins
2005 - Lilla Molnar
2004 - no scholarship awarded
2003 - no scholarship awarded
2002 - no scholarship awarded
2001 - Lindsay Andersen
2000 - Lisa Paulson,
1999 - Niki Lepage
1998 - Sylvia Forest

D’Arcy McRae Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established by his loved ones in memory of ACMG member D'Arcy McRae. D'Arcy was born and raised in the Kootenays and operated his own backcountry hiking adventure business. Through this, as well as his personal exploits, D’Arcy hoped to instill his love of wilderness into everyone he touched. The fund is managed by the ACMG on behalf of his partner, Candace Plohman, and D'Arcy's family.

The award is intended to assist promising aspirant guides who live and work in the Kootenays.

2014 - Isaac Kamink
2013 - Emelie Stenberg
2012 - Not awarded
2011 - Carla Demyen
2010 - Jasmin Caton
2009 – Deanna Anderson
2008 – Dani Loewenstein
2007 – Merrie-Beth Board
2006 - Josh Milligan

Brian Ebert Memorial Fund

Established in memory of ACMG member Brian Ebert. Brian was a prominent figure in the West Coast guiding community and was a promising aspirant Mountain Guide. The ACMG manages the fund on behalf of his family and friends.

This award is intended to assist promising aspirant guides who live and work on the West Coast.

2016 - Rupert Davies Monte Johnston
2015 - Simon Thomson, Tristen Rasmussen, Leslie Manley, Conor Hurley
2013 - Brent Phillips, Jamie Selda, Jerome David, Jeff Van Driel
2012 - Veronika Vackova, Alex Wigley, Crosby Johnston
2011 - Guillaume Otis, Tim Ross, Eric Vezeau
2010 - Mike Wilson, Mike Gajda, Atsu Kimura, Pierre-Etienne Gagnon
2009 - No award
2008 – Jan Neuspiel, Dale Marcoux
2007 - Sean Easton, Wade Bradshaw
2006 – Dave Sarkany, Colin Moorhead, Rich Prohaska,
2005 – Jia Condon
2004 - John Furneaux, Kirk Becker
2003 - No award
2002 - Craig McGee, Roger Sarrasin
2001 - Conny Amelunxen; Keith Reid
2000 - No award
1999 - Anna Brown, Jun Yanagisawa, Kevin Hodder
1998 - Brent Mathieson; Julia Taffe

Arc’teryx Funds

The ARC'TERYX Scholarship Program, in cooperation with the ACMG, is designed to encourage and assist in the training and education of men and women pursuing a career in the field of mountain guiding by providing financial assistance for certification courses.

Eligible candidates must be a member in good standing of the ACMG and be actively pursuing a career towards becoming a professional Mountain Guide.

Arc’teryx Scholarship - Course subsidiest
2016 - Carla Demyen, Connor Hurley, Rupert Davies, Leslie Manley
2015 - Mike Caswell, Alex Geary,
2014 - Erica Roles, Kinley Aitken, Florian Jungen
2013 - Brent Peters, Brad Cooke
2012 - Andrew Rennie, Scott McKay, Alex Geary
2011 - Cecelia Mortenson, Fridjon Thorleiffson, Carl Johnston
2010 - Adam Burrell, Erika Flavelle, Mike Trehearne
2009 – Andrew Wexler, Lydia Marmont, Scott Grady
2008 – Erica Roles, Andrew Wexler, Mike Stuart
2007 – Simon Robins, Rob Owens, Jeff Bullock
2006 - Rémy Bernier, Eric Dumerac, Matt Peter

Arc'teryx Equipment Award - Arc'teryx equipment credit per recipient
2016 - Alison Cardinal, Patrick Lindsay

ARC’TERYX Training Fund - Funded training per recipient
2016 - Alison Cardinal, Samuel McKoy, Mark Herbison

Gougeon Scholarship

Established by Angela Mackenzie of Gougeon Insurance, who has served the ACMG community so well with her dedication to securing the best possible liability insurance. Angela believes strongly in the value of ACMG membership and would like to see this scholarship assist those who wish to continue to develop their careers.

2016 - Jonas Hoke, Maarten Van Haeren
2015 - Nicole Ker, Christine Feleki, Benjamin Paradis, Sandy Kelly

Julbo Scholarship

Intended to assist promising apprentice guides

2016 - Eirik Sharp, Mark Criddle