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Understanding the codes and guidelines that inform and govern the ACMG provides insight into the true nature of our organization. These are living documents that are revised as often as our environment demands it.





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  • pdf icon Objects and Business of the Association
    These describes the objects of the Association – specifically, why the Association exists.

  • pdf icon Bylaws
    The rules and regulations that govern the behaviour of the Association and its officers.

  • pdf icon ACMG Code Of Conduct
    The overarching code that governs the behaviour of ACMG members.

  • pdf icon Activity and Terrain Limitations for ACMG Certifications
    This document is a highly abbreviated version of the ACMG Scope of Practice that is tailored for members of the public. It outlines the appropriate terrain and activities that are permitted for ACMG members in relation to their certification levels

  • pdf icon Supervision
    This document is intended to help members of the public understand the professional requirements for the proper supervision of ACMG members who are not yet fully certified or are Top-Rope Climbing Instructors.

  • pdf icon ACMG Scope of Practice (Complete document)
    As professional members of a self-regulating association, it is the responsibility of individual guides, instructors and employers to ensure that every effort is made to work within these guidelines.

    • pdf icon ACMG Scope of Practice - Variance Policy
      Occasionally ACMG members or their employers may find themselves in a situation where working outside the scope of practice is difficult to avoid. The ACMG is cognizant of these situations and, if asked, will consider issuing a variance to the member or employer so that, in a defined situation, they may work outside of the scope of practice in question.
    • wordicon Application for Temporary Variance Request
      This is the Variance application in a fillable MS Word format. Let us know if you need it in a different format.

  • pdf icon Professional Practice and Continuing Professional Development
    The expectations around the maintenance and growth of ACMG member skills and knowledge.